Message To New Students From Grandmaster Kim
To those of you just beginning Tae Kwon Do classes, do not be afraid nor expect too much from them. Most beginners feel uncomfortable with some of the movements at first. Don't worry, in a short time that feeling will go away, and you will feel very comfortable. You are not an expert yet, and no one expects you to do more than try your best. If you expect too much at the beginning, you will only disappoint yourself. For example, you know enough not to expect a newborn baby to eat steak. Use the same common sense in your training.

Also remember, anything worthwhile takes perseverance. Martial arts are not only physical. The best technique is not just the highest kick or the strongest punch. The best technique is the one delivered with burning desire. If you try your absolute best, then that is the best. The best student is not the one who does the fanciest techniques. The best student is the one who continues to try his best and never give up. I strongly believe you will be the best student in S.Y. Kim's Tae Kwon Do. Practicing Tae Kwon Do will make your healthier and happier than you have ever been before.
How to be Successful in your Tae Kwon Do Training
Gain experience through our school tournaments
Tournaments are a time to challenge what you have learned and to show others how hard you have been trying. Missing the chance to do so prevents you from seeing how you compare with fellow students.

Participate in promotion tests
Participate in promotion tests when the instructor sees you are ready. By missing the chance to advance, you lose the opportunity to learn the techniques that you are now capable of performing.

Advance through continued training with BBC
This is a program that is earned by the student. Through continued training and membership in the Black Belt Club, you set your goal to earn your Black Belt.

Attend classes on a regular basis
Attend class regularly to ensure that all techniques and forms are fresh in your mind. You will also be more aware of the happenings of the school such as tests, tournaments, etc. Consistent attendance will definitely help incorporate Tae Kwon Do in your life.

Practice outside the Do-Jang
Similar to schoolwork, there is much to be practiced at home to keep one’s skills sharp. Practicing at home helps to keep you motivated as well.

Find new ways to motivate yourself
Find students in your belt level to practice forms and techniques with. This way, you will gain experience as well as lasting friendships.

Practice while you are away
Going on vacation is always a good thing, but when you go remember to bring your Uniform and to practice at least twice a week. It is always good to experience Martial Art Training in different environments and to keep your routine.