Definition of Tae Kwon Do
Tae Kwon Do is a Korean unarmed martial art. It is not only kicking and punching but is also a way of thinking and living. The main goal of Tae Kwon Do is to achieve total mind and body control through training.
The Spirit of the Tae Kwon Do Practitioner
  • Loyalty to country.
  • Obedience to Parents.
  • Respect your Elders.
  • Be Faithful to your Friends.
  • Be Courteous in all Situations.
  • Consider all alternatives before killing any living thing.
  • Never give up: persevere to finish what you start.
Basic School Language
MasterSah-bum-NimReady PositionJhoon-BeeOne( 1) Ha-Na
InstructorKyo-bum-NimBeginShi-JakTwo( 2) Dul
SchoolDo-JangStopKo-MahnThree( 3) Set
UniformDo-BokFormHyung or Poom SeFour( 4) Net
AttentionCha-RyotAt EaseShi-erFive( 5) Da-Sut
BowKyung-NietAbout FaceDiro-DoraSix( 6) Yo-sut
SparringKyu-ru-giBreakingKyuk-paSeven( 7) Il-Gop
    Eight( 8) Yo-Dul
    Nine( 9) Ah-Hop
    Ten(10) Yul
Basic Techniques
Middle PunchJung-Dan Chi-Ru-GiStraight KickAhp-Ohlligi
Low BlockHa-Dan Mak-giSnap KickAhp-Chagi
Walking Middle PunchJung-Dan Chi-Ru-giSide KickYeop-Chagi
Walking High PunchSang-Dan Chi-Ru-GiFront Roundhouse KickAhp-Dolyu-Chagi
High BlockSang-Dan Mak-GiBack Roundhouse KickDwi-Dolyu-Chagi
Spear HandKwan SooDouble Snap KickDoo-Bun Ahp-Chagi
Both Arm BlockDoo-Pal Mak-GiDouble Side KickDoo-Bun Yeop-Chagi
Neck ChopMok-Chi-GiBack KickDwi Chagi
High Knife Hand BlockSoo Do Mak-GiFront Jump KickDtuiyu Ahp-Chagi
Low Knife Hand Block Soo Do A-Re Mak-GiFlying Side KickE-Dan Yeop-Chagi