Membership Oath
  • We, As members, train our spirits and bodies according to the strict code.
  • We, As members, are united in mutual friendship
  • We, As members, will comply with regulations and obey instructor.
School Rules
  • Students must bow to the flag, Sah-Bum-Num, and other Black Belt Instructors when coming in and out of school.
  • Students must use the words "Sir" or "Ma'am" when speaking to instructors.
  • Students must respect and obey instructors.
  • Conversation is not permitted during class.
  • Swearing, smoking and drinking liquor is prohibited.
  • Students must attend classes regularly for their own good.
  • Students must help keep the Do-Jang clean.
Home Rules for Children
  • Children must show respect to their parents and family members at all times.
  • Children shall greet their parents when they enter the house and tell them goodbye when they leave.
  • Children will be truthful at all times.
  • Children shall maintain a good relationship with their brothers and sisters.
  • Children must help with household chores.
  • Children shall keep their own room neat and clean.
  • Children must keep their body, hair and teeth clean at all times. (Every day)
  • Children shall not interrupt adult conversations.
  • Children shall study their schoolwork at school and at home.