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News and Events for S.Y. Kim's Tae Kwon Do Martial Arts Center

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Name   Grandmaster S.Y. Kim
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Ethel Uy has been a part of S. Y. Kims Tae Kwon Do for a very long time.  She shows her love for Tae Kwon Do by coming whenever she can even with her full-time job.  She is ambitious about her personal career, but she still makes an effort to maintain her Tae Kwon Do training and works very hard to instruct our students.  She shows great dedication and a strong-will and is an example of a true leader.

This is why all of our instructors and Grandmaster Kim are proud to present her with a blue uniform.  She has truly earned it.


Grandmaster S. Y. Kim

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DATE: 2008.08.13 - 14:10
LAST UPDATE: 2008.08.13 - 14:16

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