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News and Events for S.Y. Kim's Tae Kwon Do Martial Arts Center

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Name   Grandmaster S.Y. Kim
Subject   Congratulations to new Black Belts! Pictures Uploaded
0908bl037.jpg [58 KB] Download 0908bl037.jpg (58 KB) - Download : 289
Congratulations to our newest Black Belts!  Our new Black Belts have showed great dedication and hard work towards their goals.  Tae Kwon Do training does not stop at the Black Belt level; this is only one of the basic steps.  Continue your hard work to become better.  Reach higher for your goals.

Please congratulate new Black Belt students when you see them.

August 2009 Black Belt Test pictures are now available for viewing in our Media Gallery section.

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DATE: 2009.09.02 - 14:21

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970910pr001.JPG [52 KB] DownloadSimple viewOctober 2009 Promotion Test Pictures Uploaded Grandmaste... 2009.10.24 4891
960908bl037.jpg [58 KB] DownloadNow readingCongratulations to new Black Belts! Pictures Uploaded Grandmaste... 2009.09.02 4830
950908pr022.jpg [53 KB] DownloadSimple viewAugust 2009 Promotion Test Pictures Uploaded Grandmaste... 2009.09.02 8794
940906pn093.jpg [61 KB] DownloadSimple viewJune 2009 Picnic Promotion Test Pictures Uploaded Grandmaste... 2009.07.01 9208
93Simple viewPICNIC Promotion Test - Direction to Alley Pond Park Grandmaste... 2009.05.12 4036
92Simple viewPICNIC Promotion Test Schedule Grandmaste... 2009.05.12 4624
910806pn014.JPG [68 KB] DownloadSimple viewMANDATORY PICNIC Test on Saturday, June 20, 2009 at Alley Pond Grandmaste... 2009.05.12 10153
900904bl010.jpg [49 KB] DownloadSimple viewCongratulations to all participants of April 2009 Black Belt Test Grandmaste... 2009.05.12 9015
890904pr009.jpg [56 KB] DownloadSimple viewApril 2009 Promotion Test Pictures Uploaded Grandmaste... 2009.05.12 8605
88Poster Staff 02-05-09 001rs250.jpg [46 KB] DownloadSimple viewOrder Your Own Personalized TKD POSTER Now! Grandmaste... 2009.03.03 10800
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