SUBJECT: Thank You all Parents and Students
NAME: Grandmaster S.Y. Kim
DATE: 2008.11.27 - 09:30
Dear Parents and Students,

Congratulations on being a winner at your Tournament!

Grand Master Kim and the rest of the S. Y. Kimís Tae Kwon Do Staff are very proud of your participation and achievements and recognize your support in the recent tournament.  We hope you enjoyed participating and watching the tournament.  As a student, please use this experience to improve yourself for the upcoming promotion tests and the next tournament.  As a parent, please use this experience to motivate your child to keep on striving towards their Black Belt and Junior Instructor goals.

After completing this tournament, you are one step closer to acquiring your Black Belt or to becoming a Junior Instructor.  Be proud of yourself for this great accomplishment.  All of your Master and Senior Instructors are!

Grand Master S. Y. Kim
S. Y. Kimís Tae Kwon Do Staff