SUBJECT: Best Student of the Month of July Justin Lim!
NAME: Grandmaster S.Y. Kim
DATE: 2008.06.23 - 11:19
Tae Kwon Do Students Never Give Up!

In the most recent S. Y. Kimís Tae Kwon Do Invitational Tournament, Justin Lim played an important role in the Demonstration Team.  Unfortunately, he had an accident and fractured his arm during Demo practice.  Despite the pain and limitation, he did not quit and stayed positive to participate in the Demonstration.

Justin Lim is a strong, courageous individual that is a model S. Y. Kimís Tae Kwon Do student.  Hard work and never giving up will lead to success, which is exactly what Justin Lim did.  This is what all Tae Kwon Do students should try to be.  Discipline, focus, concentration, confidence, hard work and persistence are all characteristics of a Tae Kwon Do student.  Follow in the footsteps of all S. Y. Kimís Tae Kwon Do students and you too will be able to achieve your dreams.

Stay positive and never give up.

Grandmaster S. Y. Kim